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Gym Class Hero

I want to be healthy so bad that it hurts - literally. My joints, back and sometimes my psyche. I LOVE a good jog, yoga and ice cold water. I play rugby, and love baseball. I dropped 60 pounds in 6 months but gained 23 back. Trying to restart in a fresh healthy way!

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Mar 4 '12


I didn’t lose 60 pounds by eating a whole bag of gold fish, and it won’t be the way I lose my next 60. 

I lost weight because I stopped buying the ice cream, and stopped eating out so much. 

I lost weight because I gained perspective on my life, and now I have to fight to get it back.

I did this to show people I was better, to show myself that it was okay to just be me and that I needed to accept my body at all stages. I did this for myself and I am currently ruining it for myself. I can no longer let the stress get to me, the tiredness needs to go, the filling myself with crap and expecting my body to run needs to go.

All of the excuses. Stop. Right now. It stops. Right now.

Feb 29 '12

Can I be a curvespo?

Fuck it. I can be whatever I want. Imma curvespo.