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Gym Class Hero

I want to be healthy so bad that it hurts - literally. My joints, back and sometimes my psyche. I LOVE a good jog, yoga and ice cold water. I play rugby, and love baseball. I dropped 60 pounds in 6 months but gained 23 back. Trying to restart in a fresh healthy way!

Posts tagged practice

Jan 25 '12

That was a soul ripping practice.

It’s 1:12 am, I have class at 9am, I wont be able to get up tomorrow. Fuck. 

Jan 10 '12


Rugby begins tonight, and not doing drills. Conditioning. All conditioning, on a basketball court. So. Running. I had ground turkey and 1/2 cup of pasta sauce for dinner. Pray for me that I don’t puke from running upwards of 80 laps!